Decorative brick paving and rose garden

Welcome to Dan and Dan Landscaping, where we specialise in crafting beautiful and functional outdoor spaces right here in Queanbeyan! Whether you’re located in Jerrabomberra, Karabar, or Queanbeyan, we’re here to meet all your landscaping needs and transform your backyard into a lush, inviting green space.

Efficient Irrigation Systems

Optimize your water usage with our tailored irrigation solutions, crucial for maintaining lush and healthy landscapes in Queanbeyan’s unique climate. Ensure your garden receives the right amount of water, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Professional Concreting

Upgrade your outdoor areas with our premium concreting services, ideal for constructing durable and attractive patios, driveways, and walkways. Trust in our experience and expertise to deliver results that are both practical and visually pleasing, contributing to a harmonious outdoor living experience.

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Retaining Walls that Last

Invest in robust retaining walls designed to withstand the elements and prevent soil erosion, while also allowing for the creation of stunning, multi-level landscapes. Our expert team ensures the highest level of craftsmanship, delivering structures that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Expert Horticulture Consultations

Gain invaluable insights from our horticulture experts to select the perfect mix of plants, whether native or exotic, that will thrive in the Queanbeyan climate, adding charm and vibrancy to your spaces. Learn which species are best suited to your garden's specific conditions and enjoy a flourishing, lively outdoor environment year-round.

Garden with retaining wall

Rock Work and Crazy Paving

Infuse character and uniqueness into your landscape with our bespoke rock work and crazy paving solutions. Explore a range of design options to complement your outdoor space, creating charming focal points and pathways throughout your garden.

Garden Beds and Mulching

Keep your plants in peak condition and your garden looking fresh and vibrant with our customized garden bed and mulching services. Discover the difference that professional care and attention can make, promoting optimal plant health and garden beauty.

Quality Turf Laying

Revamp your lawn with our quality turf laying services, choosing from a variety of grass types perfectly suited to the Queanbeyan area. Experience the joy of a lush, green lawn that’s both resilient and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the overall appeal and value of your property.

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Native Trees and Shrubs Planting

Enrich your outdoor space with the beauty of native trees and shrubs specifically chosen for their compatibility with the Queanbeyan environment. Enjoy the myriad of benefits offered by local flora, including enhanced biodiversity and a healthier, more balanced ecosystem.

Pretend boat and water child play area

School Playgrounds

Create safe and engaging play areas with our specialised landscaping services for schools and childcare centers. By focusing on child-friendly designs and vibrant, stimulating environments, we help foster active learning and play.

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Whether you’re in Crestwood, Googong, or right in Queanbeyan, get in touch with Dan and Dan Landscaping today, and let’s start turning your landscaping dreams into reality! Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the go-to choice for all your landscaping needs in the Queanbeyan area.