Residential landscaping services in Canberra

If you're thinking about a full transformation of your front or backyard, thenĀ Dan and Dan LandscapingĀ have got you covered.

Dan and Dan - Your landscaping experts in Canberra

The Big Picture: Full Outdoor Design

Starting from the overall layout, everything is strategically planned. Whether you're after a casual Aussie vibe or a luxurious outdoor space, comprehensive design services map out your dream space from the get-go.

Outdoor design services to create your dream space

Flourishing Flora: Planting the Garden

Our landscape gardeners will breathe life into your garden with a range of plants, trees, and shrubs, transforming it into a lush paradise, an elegant retreat, or a native habitat, depending on your taste.

A lush garden with a variety of plants and trees

Solid Ground: Hardscape Features

From patios and decks to elegant stone pathways, the hardscape elements serve as the backbone of your yard. They can create cozy nooks, functional spaces, or simply frame the garden beautifully.

Hardscaping to create a functional and beautiful outdoor spaces

Al Fresco Living: Outdoor Amenities

Why stay indoors when you can have an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or even a pergola to dine under? These features extend your living space right into the yard, making it a hub for relaxation and entertainment.

Outdoor areas for entertaining and relaxing

Lawn Perfection: A Green Carpet

Your lawn often serves as your backyard's unifying element. Regular maintenance, seasonal care, and even renovation services can turn your lawn into a lush, green carpet that ties everything together.

Lawn care and turfing services to give you grass to be proud of

Smart Watering: Efficient Irrigation Systems

To keep everything lush and thriving, modern irrigation solutions like drip systems or automated sprinklers can be installed, ensuring your plants are well-watered but not wasteful.

Irrigation systems to keep your garden green and lush

The Final Touch: Maintenance and Care

Once your dream yard is realized, ongoing maintenance services ensure it stays in top-notch condition, looking as fresh as the day it was completed.

Ongoing maintanence to keep your garden looking fresh

From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, Dan and Dan Landscaping is committed to turning your vision into a reality. Get in touch today and let's discuss how we can create the perfect outdoor space for you.

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Pathway with grass edging and flowerbeds
Retaining wall with raised garden
Outdoor patio with brick paving
Stone paved pathway and mulched garden