Decorative brick paving and rose garden

Welcome to Dan and Dan Landscaping in Woden! We are your local experts in creating captivating and functional outdoor spaces in suburbs across Woden. From Curtin and Farrer we've got the Woden Valley covered. We are dedicated to transforming your gardens and landscapes into beautiful, functional sanctuaries.

Quality Turf Laying

Bring your lawn to life with our exceptional turf laying services, offering a range of grass types perfectly suited to Woden's climate. Enjoy the luxury of a lush, green lawn that adds charm and aesthetic appeal to your home, complementing your outdoor lifestyle.

Strong and Durable Retaining Walls

Construct stunning, durable retaining walls with us to prevent soil erosion and craft appealing, multi-level outdoor spaces. We guarantee top-quality craftsmanship, delivering structures that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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Native Trees and Shrubs Planting

Enhance your garden with trees and shrubs that are hand-picked for their adaptability to Woden’s conditions. Experience the beauty and benefits of local flora, including improved biodiversity and a harmonious, balanced ecosystem.

Efficient Irrigation Systems

Optimise your garden's water usage with our innovative irrigation solutions, ideal for Woden's distinctive climate. Our custom solutions ensure every part of your garden is adequately watered, promoting sustainability and plant health.

Garden with retaining wall

Expert Horticulture Consultations

Receive expert advice on selecting the ideal blend of native and exotic plants that will flourish in Woden. Our horticulture specialists will guide you in creating a vibrant, thriving garden tailored to your individual preferences and local conditions.

Rock Work and Crazy Paving

Introduce unique and attractive elements to your garden with our specialised rock work and crazy paving services. Choose from a variety of designs to enhance your outdoor spaces, adding character and distinction to your landscape.

Stone paving at Tumut Labyrinth Memorial

Professional Concreting

Revitalise your outdoor areas with our premium concreting services, perfect for creating enduring and attractive patios, driveways, and walkways. Trust our experienced team to provide results that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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Garden Beds and Mulching

Maintain a healthy and vibrant garden with our tailored garden bed and mulching services. Benefit from professional care and attention to detail that ensures optimal plant health and a refreshed, polished appearance.

Outdoor water pump and rock feature

School Playgrounds

Develop safe and stimulating play areas with our specialised services for schools and childcare centers in Woden. We focus on creating colourful, child-friendly spaces that encourage active learning and play.

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Whether you live in Phillip, Garran or any suburb in Woden, reach out to Dan and Dan Landscaping. We're ready to bring your outdoor visions to life with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making us Woden’s preferred choice for all landscaping needs!